Let’s go to the auction 

img_3050Its nearly been a year since we moved to our home, a year… that time has gone super quick. So I thought I would share just how we got here.

I never thought I would be renovating our forever home because I gave my husband the challenge of finding us a property in the same area as my parents and well that area was wayyyyyy out of our price range.

In 2016 two weeks after the birth of Shylah, Matthew organised another house viewing day. I say another because honestly the amount of terrible houses he dragged me to (while I was pregnant) was insane. I really couldn’t be bothered, I had a brand new baby and I didn’t really want to move.

The house (our house) was up for auction, so Dad and Matt said they just wanted to go and see what it bids for and have a look. Ok that’s fine whatever, I’ll just stay at mums with my new baby and chill out. About an hour later, they arrive home.


BOTH men have these extremely cheeky grins on their faces, mum and I look at them and say “you didn’t bid did you?!”

Through sounds of laughter they say: yes we did and we won it. What?!?! We don’t even have finance approval how the hell have you won this house?

Ok I just want to let you know that when you bid at auction you actually have to have the funds in your bank account as auctions are like cash sales…. yes a cash sale transaction.

Do you want to go and see the house? They say. Ummm yes Matt, yes Dad we do actually. Quickly we pack everyone in the car and drive to the house (about 30 seconds from mum and dads place).

Carrying Shylah, while Tyren runs around, I examine this new abode which is apparently going to be ours and from the moment I stepped inside I knew it was meant to be. A sense of home was felt instantly. Even now, every time I come home I feel it.

After my approval, the documents were signed and the long process of finance , settlement and handover occurred. One year on and I still to this day can’t believe it – but it was obviously meant to be.

So that’s how “we” (cough) Matt and dad (cough) bought our forever home. A story I laugh at all the time. Since being here I probably have changed each room numerous times, because I love re arranging. I love adding and adapting to the space and creating different looks. If you have followed our journey you will be able to see the changes and how much our house has grown.

The Living area! My favourite room of the house.  It has huge raked ceilings and is a massive space. We removed the old gas heater and boarded up the bottom half of the wall. We have painted the bricks twice.

The Kitchen Area. This is the space we did most of our renos. We removed a wall which enclosed the kitchen. It was the best decision even tho it was messy work. We were really lucky to have a great friend able to help us and without him we wouldn’t have been able to remove it. So thank you Michael.

The Playroom.  This is suppose to be according to the plans a dinning area and we did set it up like that but it didn’t suit us. Now we have it as a play room and its perfect.

Our Bedroom. A sanctuary for sleep- this deep aqua is one of my all time favourite colours.



Creating a coastal space 

Bringing those wavy beach tones into your abode can make any space feel airy and fresh. But how do you get that modern coastal feel in your home without being by the beach?

Start by selecting a fresh white for your walls, Dulux natural white or lexicon are a relaxing choice and a good base colour. Natural white is a warm tone, while lexicon and snowy mountains are cool.


Bring in raw wood furniture for warmth. A carved coffee table or natural finish buffet, even a cane piece for a more tropical coastal vibe.

Accessorise your lounge with textures by choosing macrame or knitted cushions in natural white yarn. Tassels are a must. Pick white linen cushions to use as a base and break up your patterns.

Soft powder blue can be brought in through  vases or throw blankets giving a small pop of colour. Stick to a three shade rule when choosing your blue or green hues. I like to have the same shade but in a dark , medium and a light tone.

Add some Depth to your walls with prints that represent the ocean to you, could be Palms for a tropical coastal feel, a mandala print, or even a gorgeous oceanic scene.

Coastal interiors doesn’t have to be all shells and sand so don’t get swept away with too many in your decor a small cowrie shell piece is enough to tie it all together.

My favourite and most important accessory is the indoor plant and choosing the right one to perfect your coastal vibe is essential.

Two must have indoor plants:

The Kenita Palm – beautiful and graceful and requires minimal care. Gives a floaty airy feel.

The Nicolai – commonly know as the bird of paradise. It’s large fan like leaves bring a deep depth of green to your space.

Choosing a large over sized decorative pot in white makes the greenery pop! My secret tip: keep your plant in its plastic potting pot (so you can always change the decorative one later) and put a plastic plate inside to catch the water.

Sea grass baskets are the perfect option for storing your throws or cushions.  

Bring in a drift wood piece or add texture with a large over sized macrame wall hanging, a salt lamp will regulate your air and offer a soft mood lighting.

A coastal space is airy , fresh and natural throwing tones of blue. It’s calming a wonderful place to relax.

To get the look and beautiful pieces for your own coastal sanctuary, shop here at The beach side collective


Macrame Cushions: Sea Tribe
Macrame Wall Hanging: Mac and More Decor
Throw: Ikea
Jute Rug: Temple and Webster
Cushions and Vases: Kmart
Sea grass basket: Aldi