The Living Room

My favourite room in the whole house! Finish off with a HUGE 3 x 4m Rugs of Beauty rug.


Shylah Turns One; A collection

When you daughter is turning one, you start collecting all the goodies for her birthday. Making a feature in her collection is the gorgeous Zero Print, a custom design birth print by The Zero Print.  Her Birthday party theme was fairies and I was lucky enough to find Arabellas Vintage Wardrobe who custom make fairy wings and accessories. Each piece is unique.

Kili Tingatinga Art

Kili Tingatinga Art is a Melbourne-based business dedicated not only to bringing this unique painting style to Australia, but to helping the communities that create Tingatinga artwork, where poverty and hunger are everyday realities. Kili Tingatinga Art operates on fair-trade principles, buying original paintings directly from the artists, helping them support their families and communities.

Visit : Kili Tingatinga to purchase one of these beautiful pieces