Let’s go to the auction 

img_3050Its nearly been a year since we moved to our home, a year… that time has gone super quick. So I thought I would share just how we got here.

I never thought I would be renovating our forever home because I gave my husband the challenge of finding us a property in the same area as my parents and well that area was wayyyyyy out of our price range.

In 2016 two weeks after the birth of Shylah, Matthew organised another house viewing day. I say another because honestly the amount of terrible houses he dragged me to (while I was pregnant) was insane. I really couldn’t be bothered, I had a brand new baby and I didn’t really want to move.

The house (our house) was up for auction, so Dad and Matt said they just wanted to go and see what it bids for and have a look. Ok that’s fine whatever, I’ll just stay at mums with my new baby and chill out. About an hour later, they arrive home.


BOTH men have these extremely cheeky grins on their faces, mum and I look at them and say “you didn’t bid did you?!”

Through sounds of laughter they say: yes we did and we won it. What?!?! We don’t even have finance approval how the hell have you won this house?

Ok I just want to let you know that when you bid at auction you actually have to have the funds in your bank account as auctions are like cash sales…. yes a cash sale transaction.

Do you want to go and see the house? They say. Ummm yes Matt, yes Dad we do actually. Quickly we pack everyone in the car and drive to the house (about 30 seconds from mum and dads place).

Carrying Shylah, while Tyren runs around, I examine this new abode which is apparently going to be ours and from the moment I stepped inside I knew it was meant to be. A sense of home was felt instantly. Even now, every time I come home I feel it.

After my approval, the documents were signed and the long process of finance , settlement and handover occurred. One year on and I still to this day can’t believe it – but it was obviously meant to be.

So that’s how “we” (cough) Matt and dad (cough) bought our forever home. A story I laugh at all the time. Since being here I probably have changed each room numerous times, because I love re arranging. I love adding and adapting to the space and creating different looks. If you have followed our journey you will be able to see the changes and how much our house has grown.

The Living area! My favourite room of the house.  It has huge raked ceilings and is a massive space. We removed the old gas heater and boarded up the bottom half of the wall. We have painted the bricks twice.

The Kitchen Area. This is the space we did most of our renos. We removed a wall which enclosed the kitchen. It was the best decision even tho it was messy work. We were really lucky to have a great friend able to help us and without him we wouldn’t have been able to remove it. So thank you Michael.

The Playroom.  This is suppose to be according to the plans a dinning area and we did set it up like that but it didn’t suit us. Now we have it as a play room and its perfect.

Our Bedroom. A sanctuary for sleep- this deep aqua is one of my all time favourite colours.



Fairy first birthday with a side of superhero

Shylah’s birthday is the 16th of August and Tyren’s is the 27th, so this year we combined their parties because the same people would be at both. A little cheeky but it worked out great so that’s how we have a Fairy first birthday with a little side of superhero’s.

The Inspiration – Tyren likes superhero’s so his side was easy! Shylah on the other hand is 1, her favourite thing at the moment is shoes, so I got to decide for her. Pinterest was my go to. Typed in fairy and hello ideas. Once I got a feel for the look I was after the ideas flowed in. I could have done so many things and kept going and going because who can stop when there is fairy’s and magic to be made.

The food table- I used pallets. Where did I find these gorgeous things? GUMTREE! That’s right they were all for free, some guy advertised them on the side of the road. I rang my dad and off he went to collect them. Bunnings will also give you a couple for free too so asking them in advance will be handy. All mine were the same size bar two which I used for the back drop.

Flowers- Who needs to spend a cent when you can go and pick your friendly neighbors flowers. That’s right I’m that girl. Got some from mum, Nanna, my sister in law and I may have advertised on gumtree and a plant page for anyone who was willing to share their beautiful flowers. You will be surprised at how many people offer. The purple flowers are Geraldton wax in a few shades, the vines; English ivy and the yellow beads are geisha girls.  I did buy two packs of carnations for the cake. Only because I needed safe flowers to put on top.

Log Decors- we are lucky to live on a bit of land and so are mum and dad. Matt cut down a tree which was hanging out of place in our driveway and dad took a couple of branches from a tree in his yard and hello fairy logs! Matt and Dad just cut them into a range of different sizes so I could place around the table and teepee.


Teepee- again very lucky dad could grab some branches from his yard to build it for me. So, any four sticks and some rope will get you a teepee base. I then bought some old lace curtains from a lady off gumtree and sewed them together to go over the sticks. The matt underneath the teepee was one I had at home and the cushions also were from home.

Fairy Decorations – most of the fairy statues were from red dot but there are plenty of places around that sell them. The little handmade fairy houses, hanging faries and mushrooms were from Charmed Gardens. Each piece is hand made and designed and theire were a huge range to choose from. The little fairy toppers were from Earth Fairy in Kalamunda. Some of the pieces in the fairy garden were from Zanthoria Nursery and I made a few bits myself out of sticks.

Fairy Wands – With some old lace, a piece of card and sticks from the yard I made the wands. I hand drew some stars, glued the lace on and sticky taped the stick to the back. and added an extra little piece of twine to the base.

Other Table Decorations – All the clear vases were jars from home, plus two I bought from Kmart for $3 each. The silver teapot was an item I grab from some markets years ago and the pink candles again were left from Shylah’s baby shower but original bought from Kmart. Glitter rocks, a can of spray glitter and some rocks from the garden.

Balloons – Every party needs balloons, and I was lucky enough to find the most amazing store on Instagram just by searching “balloons” in the hashtag. I selected the rose gold/ blush pink bunch with an additional large rose gold ball balloon (which is still up two weeks later). The Balloon Fairy  offers delivery in the Perth metro area so I chose that option and they were delivered first thing Sunday morning.

Centre Pieces – I had two center pieces in honor of Shylah, the most beautiful birth poster created by the Zeroprint. This has all her details of her birthday and is true to her length. Such a gorgeous piece which is now hanging in our home. We also have one of Tyren and I love the fact that is reminds me of their birth whenever I look at them. The other most divine center piece was a handmade initial S created by My Name Keep Sake. The S is framed and can be hung or placed on its stand. Inside the box frame is a gorgeous arrangement of paper flowers and a little butterfly. The gorgeous piece is now placed in her room.

Shylah’s Fairy Outfit- Searching for fairy items on Instagram I found Arabella’s Vintage Wardrobe  who handmake bespoke fairy wings, wands, head pieces and magical things. Located in Ellenbrook I took a drive with mum and could hand pick her wings and wand. Each piece is amazing and no two are the same. They are bendable with clear straps. Because Shylah is so tiny I safety pinned her wings to her leotard (which was from Kmart) so that they always sat perfectly in each photo. Her tutu was from Tutu and Tassel  another beautiful handmade piece. Shylah’s head crown was from Thailand and her shoes best and less.

Entertainment –  For the babies and there are ALOT in our group, we had the Mila and Chloe snow white ball pit and it was a HUGE success. A gorgeous hand made white lace and foam outer layer with all white balls. Super stylish.  All the kids played in there so nicely, even the older kids jumped in. Because it was a joint birthday party, I decided for the older kids a Spider-man bouncy castle would be the perfect entertainment. I found a vendor off gumtree who was offering a winter special. It was a huge hit and a great surprise for Tyren.  I had bought prizes for games but didn’t know what would grab the kids’ attention, so one of the other mums helped run musical statues and musical bobs to kids’ movie music. Finally, I had a piñata that doubled as the kids lolly bags.

Food – I’ve done a few parties and always over cater so this time I decided less food and basically anything easy. I bought 5 packs of mixed party pies and sausage rolls (30 per pack), one pack of 62 spring rolls and pack of quiches (30). Mum made 3-layer finger sandwiches consisting of ham and cheese, curried egg, turkey and salad.  I can say that all of it got eaten bar one pack of party pies we didn’t cook. For drinks we had water bottles, soft drink, pink cordial and juice boxes and had a lot left over.


Desserts and Sweets – I had a lot of sweet foods as I find it is easy to make in advance and freeze, then decorate the day before. I made chocolate and vanilla cup cups, honey crackles, sugar cookies in stars and super hero faces, fairy bread, two-layer vanilla cake for Shylah and a two-layer chocolate cake for Tyren both with butter cream icing. The cupcakes and cakes I made in advance and froze, then decorated on the Saturday, I find preparing early makes it less stressful on the day. I did make jelly cups too BUT I forgot to bring them out (whoops). I also had a small selection of pink lollies just to add more texture to the table

Advice – Screen shot the style you want, then write a list of everything you need. Advertise on gumtree for things people may be able to share with you. Search on gumtree or buy and sell pages for second hand items. Spend money on a couple of feature pieces and get some help from family and friends on the day.

Favourite Thing – I loved that all the little girls were dressed up as fairies, it added to the atmosphere. I was also so pleased all the food was eaten. I’m also extremely grateful we had beautiful weather, no rain! The sun was out and it was the perfect temperature.

For more photos head to @life.with.odeas on instagram.

* This post is in no way sponsored. There was a mutual collaboration with Mila and Chloe, The Zero Print and My name keep sake. All thoughts, words and ideas are completely my own*


An Interior Creative 

Thanks for clicking to learn about me! Let me introduce my self, my name is Sherise, I’m married to an amazing man named Matt and have two gorgeous children Tyren and Shylah.

My design career is fresh but I’ve been creating all my life. Starting at a young age in my first job in a jewellery story I worked as the visual merchandiser. This role was to create visual captivating displays for the head store in Perth. The regional manager saw potential in me and sent me off to do a visual merchandising certificate which was run by the head of visual merchandising for David Jones (at the time).

This course gave me a taste of home merchandising, store merchandising, interior design and photography. After completing the certificate and acing the assignment, I worked my way up the food chain within the jewellery company to a manager of a $2 million store by the age of 21. After 10 and half year with this company, I decided to take my career on a different path and was hired as a marketing manager for a real estate company.

During my time with the real estate company, I was able to learn and excel in design and marketing. I was able to work with John Dwyer at the institute of WOW,  many marketing gurus in the Street Smart Marketing company, completed Publicity for Profit and have completed many courses along my journey that have flourished my marketing experiences.

During my marketing career, after my first child was born I found the world of Instagram. Building up my Instagram profile, i’ve been able to work with other small businesses by styling their products. I’ve been truly blessed with the opportunities that have arisen for me. Dabbling in a little bit of Instagram influencing also (@life.with.odeas), I feel that I can now truly focus on what my heart desires and that is Interior Design.

I want to work with businesses by styling their products in the best possible way to show how diverse a product can be in a variety of styles. I’m a lover of ALL styles, I can appreciate all designs. My husband and I have built two homes but lived in four, and over the course of the years my style has developed, changed and grown as I’ve been introduced to different colours or textures or patterns.

Currently I am in the process of renovating our forever home, and always looking for new opportunities to work with other businesses, stylists or photographers. So don’t be shy to reach out.