Shylah and Tyrens Dreamy Playroom

When I think of our playroom I normally think of toys everywhere, and that’s because most of the time they are. It’s not because I don’t clean the play room its because the kids literally love to pull it apart. Most of our toys and play room items have always been very masculine, think dinosaurs and cars. The colours were either black and white, blue and even some times orange. Shylah is now one and her pink toys have started to feature in this joint area.

I really love changing and re arranging each room in my house. Its my creative outlet. On the original plan for our house this room was actually suppose to be a dining room. We placed the dinning table in the room and bought a gorgeous feature light, however sitting in there always made us feel disjointed from the kitchen. My mum came over one day and suggested moving the table to the dead space in the kitchen/family area and making the dining room a play room and well its been perfect ever since.

The Decor


Together with my favourite brands on Instagram I have been able to create a dreamy room for both Tyren and Shylah. Its colourful and imaginative and suitable for both of them at there age now and as they continue to grow. The decor is play full and shows pops of pink and blue. The theme for the play room started when I chose the two prints for the wall from @myhiddenforest  I felt like they belonged up in the clouds! So the ever talented Elisa from @blond.noir created the new beautiful Dreamland Clouds in Water Colour Decals they are the perfect and just how I imagined them to look.

The thing I love about these decals is that they actually are removable. I can move them around from place to place without damaging my walls or the decals. They are just as easy to put on too, spray some water on the back and stick to the place you want and smooth over. Simple. I love that I can instantly make a room look sensational and I always have the option to change the positioning and create a whole new look. From here the rest fell into place and Shylah and Tyren now have a new dreamy playroom.

To match in with the dreamy theme I have a gorgeous moon mirror by @kidskulture, a beautiful cloud mobile by @thepoppettree, two gorgeous hanging wooden beaded garlands by @winniedot,  Velvet star cushions from @macyhandmade and a special Ruby Unicorn cushion from @sparrowandb to complete the look.

To make any room feel homely and inviting you need to decorate!

Decor brings the visually pleasing aspect to any space but when designing this room I also thought about the following five practical things:

  1. A soft place to play.
  2. A place for quiet time.
  3. The pack away place
  4. A space for creativity
  5. Role play, Imagination Play and quality

A soft place to play

This is a really important feature for me, and that’s because I am always on the floor playing with the kids. Our playroom area is tiled and there is nothing worst than sitting on cold tiles playing. So the base of the play room has to be soft. I chose a beautiful rug from @rugsofbeauty, The Elizabeth. Its a non shed rug which means no fluff or bits come off it, the size is 2m x 3m giving plenty of play area. The colour is a cool grey with hints of blue and I specifically choose one with a pattern so that is hides potential dirt marks. Its soft and the perfect playroom base.

A place for quiet time

Every kid needs a place to relax, maybe read a book or just lay about. For this area I have chosen a cot size bed house from @howeandzo This builds the frame of the quiet time area and a great place to chuck over a blanket and make cubby houses.  The mattress is covered with a soft marble sheet from @goodnightbuttercup , its layered with cushions for comfort and soft blankets for warmth from @raphael_romeochildrensemporium. Shylah has a special unicorn cushion from @sparrowandb and a beautiful velvet star cushion from @macyhandmade Tyren also has his very own velvet star cushion from @macyhandmade Our quiet time area has a selection of books to read and toys to cuddle, it also can double as a sleep over bed.


The pack away place

Play rooms are known for being an area full of toys, most of the time they are just on the floor and never being played with. It seems that most toys are pulled out of the storage area only because they are looking for that one random toy that popped into their head which is at the bottom of the box. To make it easier for kids, I have a simple hack. I have five boxes on rotation. Broken down into categories at the moment ours are: Blocks, cars/trucks, dinosaurs and figurines, and random 1 and random 2. Basically I rotate the toys and have a small box in the play room to pack away the current toys into. This way the task is not over whelming and the all their toys are not out in the play room at one time. The @belleandcoliving chests are the perfect size to pack away toys in as well as stylish.

A space for creativity

There is no point in having an area that the kids can’t create a world in. And literally this is what I want them to do. They need to be able to create their own games and to do so they need the space. The play room layout is super important because if it is too cluttered or has too much unusable space they won’t play in the area. They will move their toys to the lounge room or worst all over the house. If your creative space isn’t soft they wont create in that zone either, which is why I chose the softest rug from @rugsofbeauty. Basically the creative zone has to be a large open space that is comfortable enough, accessible and in the middle of the space so they can bring their toys to the zone and create their own world. We usually play cars by making race tracks or play blocks and build city’s then race the cars through them. The dinosaurs also make a lot of appearances in this area too!

img_2299-1Role Play, Imagination Play and Quality

Toys are a given in any play room they actually come as a package deal with kids. They can be over whelming and too many normally means most are not played with. I’ve now started to buy and encourage the kids to play with toys that makes them use their imagination or use in role play. The @minimacko miniland dolls are perfect for little girls and boys because they encourage children to love and care for babies just like mummies and daddies. Our beautiful Latino miniland has a gorgeous hand made carrier from to rest her head and travel around in. It comes complete with pillow, mattress and blanket. The play forever cars from @minimacko are solid and sturdy allowing for a little bit of rough play. Shylah adores pull along toys and her little wooden mouse one from @thegingerkidsco is a keeper. The other toy she adores and so do I is her @minimacko pink trike! its the winner in our house, she scoots all over and constantly pops her little dollies in the basket. For the dolls house we choose two little bunnies a boy and a girl from @neapolitanhomewares instead of your classic doll.

I’ve really enjoyed creating this space for Tyren and Shylah and I love watching them play in this room.

Shop The Look:

The Elizabeth Rug : @rugsofbeauty

Dreamland Water Colour Cloud Decals: @blond.noir

Prints: @myhiddenforest

Star Cushions: @macyhandmade

Unicorn Cushion: @sparrowandb

Mattress Sheet: @goodnightbuttercup

Dolls Carrier:

Spinkie Bunnies: @neapolitanhomewares

Pink Trike: @minimakco

Miniland doll: @minimakco

Play forever car:@minimakco

Helicoptor: @thegingerkidsco

Pull along Car: @thegingerkidsco

Pink Chests: @belleandcoliving

Pompom garland: @winniedot

Moon Mirror: @kidskulture

Trio of white cases: @raphael_romeochildrensemporium

Bunny Lamp: @raphael_romeochildrensemporium

Lucky boy sunday doll: @raphael_romeochildrensemporium

Playhouse: @howeandzo

Cloud hanger: @thepoppettree

I would like to Thank all the stores who collaborated with me for this play room look. All words and thoughts in this blog are completely my own.


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