An Interior Creative 

Thanks for clicking to learn about me! Let me introduce my self, my name is Sherise, I’m married to an amazing man named Matt and have two gorgeous children Tyren and Shylah.

My design career is fresh but I’ve been creating all my life. Starting at a young age in my first job in a jewellery story I worked as the visual merchandiser. This role was to create visual captivating displays for the head store in Perth. The regional manager saw potential in me and sent me off to do a visual merchandising certificate which was run by the head of visual merchandising for David Jones (at the time).

This course gave me a taste of home merchandising, store merchandising, interior design and photography. After completing the certificate and acing the assignment, I worked my way up the food chain within the jewellery company to a manager of a $2 million store by the age of 21. After 10 and half year with this company, I decided to take my career on a different path and was hired as a marketing manager for a real estate company.

During my time with the real estate company, I was able to learn and excel in design and marketing. I was able to work with John Dwyer at the institute of WOW,  many marketing gurus in the Street Smart Marketing company, completed Publicity for Profit and have completed many courses along my journey that have flourished my marketing experiences.

During my marketing career, after my first child was born I found the world of Instagram. Building up my Instagram profile, i’ve been able to work with other small businesses by styling their products. I’ve been truly blessed with the opportunities that have arisen for me. Dabbling in a little bit of Instagram influencing also (@life.with.odeas), I feel that I can now truly focus on what my heart desires and that is Interior Design.

I want to work with businesses by styling their products in the best possible way to show how diverse a product can be in a variety of styles. I’m a lover of ALL styles, I can appreciate all designs. My husband and I have built two homes but lived in four, and over the course of the years my style has developed, changed and grown as I’ve been introduced to different colours or textures or patterns.

Currently I am in the process of renovating our forever home, and always looking for new opportunities to work with other businesses, stylists or photographers. So don’t be shy to reach out.


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